Banana pudding – that classic Southern dessert of creamy custard, fresh bananas, and crunchy vanilla wafers – is the ultimate comfort food. It’s the kind of nostalgic, crowd-pleasing treat that immediately transports you back to childhood, warm memories of family gatherings and holiday feasts.

Yet for such a simple, straightforward dish, getting the texture and flavor just right can be tricky. Many recipes produce a pudding that’s either too thick and gloppy or too loose and runny. And let’s not even get started on the store-bought versions, which often taste artificial and lack the homemade touch.

But fear not, banana pudding lovers. I’ve perfected the easiest, creamiest banana pudding recipe that delivers all the rich, comforting flavors you crave, with a silky smooth texture that’s nothing short of sublime. It’s the kind of pudding that will have your family and friends begging for seconds (and the recipe!).

1. Easy Banana Pudding Recipe


  • 1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 1 3.4oz package instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 1 8oz package cream cheese, softened
  • 1 cup heavy cream, whipped to stiff peaks
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4-5 ripe bananas, sliced
  • 1 11oz box vanilla wafers


In a large bowl, whisk together the sweetened condensed milk and whole milk until well combined. Sprinkle in the instant pudding mix and whisk vigorously for 2-3 minutes until thickened.

In a separate bowl, beat the cream cheese with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Fold the whipped cream and vanilla extract into the cream cheese mixture until fully incorporated.

Fold the cream cheese mixture into the thickened pudding mixture until no streaks remain. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or until completely set.

When ready to assemble, layer the bottom of a 9×13 inch baking dish with a single layer of vanilla wafers. Top with a layer of sliced bananas, then spoon half of the chilled pudding mixture over top.

Repeat the layers of vanilla wafers, bananas, and pudding, finishing with the pudding on top.

Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, or up to 24 hours, before serving. Garnish with additional vanilla wafers and a light dusting of ground cinnamon if desired.

Serve this easy banana pudding up at your next potluck, family gathering, or holiday feast, and prepare to be showered with praise. It’s sure to be the star of the dessert table. Or enjoy a big ol’ serving all to yourself, no judgment here – this pudding is just that good.

So what are you waiting for? Grab those ripe bananas and get to work on the ultimate comfort food dessert. Your taste buds (and your loved ones) can thank me later!

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