Perfect Fried Plantains Recipe At Home For You

Are you looking for a yummy quick & easy homemade snack? Satisfy your cravings with this fried plantains recipe. Fried ripe plantains are a delightful sweet snack with a soft center and crispy exterior. All it takes is a few minutes to prep and fry the plantains. Moreover, as for ingredients, you just need some oil for frying and nothing else.

1. Plantain Health Benefits

Plantains make a superb bite, starter or side as it’s packed with various vitamins and minerals. It is high in Carbohydrates, Anti-oxidants, Potassium, and Vitamin A & C. While being low in sodium, this fruit gets digested without difficulty.

2. What type of Plantain works best for Fried Plantains Recipe?

Fried Plantains recipe can be made with both unripe as well as ripe plantains. That said, the riper the plantain, the better it tastes as fried. The reason being that as the plantain ripens, it tends to get sweeter.

Tip: If you have plantains that are raw (green skin) or has just started to ripen (yellow skin), you can speed up their ripening process. Put the raw or semi-ripe plantain in a paper bag and keep it in a warm spot in your kitchen/home.

3. How to Pick a Ripe Plantain for Fried Plantains Recipe?

  • A ripe plantain has brown and black ends.
  • The skin of the plantain turns brownish or blackish.
  • Holding a ripe plantain feels soft rather than firm.

4. Fried Plantain Recipe

   4.1. Ingredients

  • 1 Ripe Plantain (you can use more)
  • Vegetable oil (for frying)

   4.2. Prepping the Ripe Plantain

  • Begin with cutting off both ends of the plantain.
  • Follow it by making a light cut through the inside arch of the plantain’s skin.
  • Now, carefully peel off & discard the skin without breaking the plantain.
  • Next, slice the plantain diagonally with each piece being an inch thick.

   4.3. Frying the Plantain Pieces

Step 1: Pour the oil in a non-stick pan until it fills half an inch of the pan.

Step 2: Place the pan on the stove on high and wait for the oil to heat up.

Step 3: Put the plantain pieces one-by-one into the hot oil carefully. Make sure not to overlap the pieces. Fry for 90 seconds and adjust the heat to medium-high.

Step 4: Flip the plantain pieces using tongs and fry the other side for 90 seconds.

Step 5: Flip the plantain pieces again, and cook for 10-15 seconds to achieve the perfect golden brown color.

Step 6: Finally, flip one last time and cook for 10-15 seconds and take out the fried plantains on a serving dish.

This fried plantains recipe is so simple that you can prepare and enjoy it even during exhausting work days.  


An easy way to confirm that the oil is hot enough for frying is to release a plantain piece in the oil. If tiny bubbles form around the edges of the plantain piece, it confirms that the oil is ready for frying.

Give this quick 4 minutes fried plantain recipe a shot! You will be amazed how such an uncomplicated recipe can taste so mouth-wateringly delicious.