Health Benefits of Ginger – Top 10 Benefits Are Scientifically Proven

By | March 5, 2022

Humans used ginger a long time ago. People use ginger roots to make ginger tea and use it in everyday dishes, but very few people know details about the health benefits of ginger. In this article, we will introduce you topmost excellent benefits of this natural medicine and how to use ginger properly every day.

1. What are the good health benefits of ginger?

   1.1. Cancer Fighter

This may surprise you, but ginger may be used to support the treatment of certain types of cancer. The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center has announced that ginger root can help patients get rid of ovarian cancer. It is said that using ginger is more effective than chemotherapy drugs. Ginger does not only help to treat ovarian cancer cells. It even kills colon cancer cells quite well. So amazing!

   1.2. Reduce menstrual pain

For women, it is a bad period for dysmenorrhea. It is painful, and they can not work or move as well as healthy. Sometimes they have to lye all day. If you are suffering from this next time, please try to use ginger root, and you can see the health benefits of ginger in this case. People often use ibuprofen when they feel hurt, and you should understand that ginger plays the same role. You can use a cup of ginger tea right at the beginning of “rad days.” This is the result of a study conducted about 13-14 years ago.

   1.3. Anti-Inflammatory

Ginger is an excellent medicine to treat inflammation. With this benefit, ginger usage is more prevalent in life. People use ginger root to help to reduce the pain and to swell at patients with arthritis. It also helps the injury relief quickly without any adverse effects. To use, you use ginger essential oil massage when suffering from muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatism.

   1.4. Reduce nausea as well as vomiting

Nausea or vomiting is a terrible thing. None want to experience these situations, especially when traveling. In this case, people tend to use a kind of drug named metoclopramide, But sometimes it doesn’t work for some people. If you still do not know what to do, why don’t you use ginger? Ginger root benefits in treating vomiting will make you more confident. You should smell and chew some ginger before starting the trip. If you have a lot of time, drinking a glass of ginger tea will be most effective.

Ginger tea helps to avoid vomiting.

Ginger tea helps to avoid vomiting.

   1.5. Treating Heartburn

One more health benefit of ginger is to treat heartburn; you can save a lot of money when using a cup of ginger tea instead of a particular drug for heartburn, PPI. It is cheap, safer, and easier to use. You may not have known that the benefits of ginger have been published on Molecular Research and Food Nutrition in 2007. According to the article, ginger is better than Prevacid 6 times; can you believe this?

   1.6. Treat headache

One more ginger fact is that it can treat a headache so effectively. In this situation, you need to use ginger and herbs as well as cayenne pepper to make a cup of ginger tea. Women should drink ginger tea more than men because more women are suffering from headaches. Of course, drinking too much is not good, and you still need to use drugs for severe cases.

   1.7. Disinfectant

Not many know that ginger root is an excellent disinfectant. This is because ginger can help to reduce the risk of fro inflammation. It is the result of the antibacterial property of ginger. More than that, using ginger gives your body a good chance of owning more dermcidin to fight pathogens to keep your body healthier.

   1.8. Treat dry mouth

Sometimes, our mouth has to suffer from being dry for a long time. It is because you can not drink water during working, presenting, and so on. Or it is just your illness. There is a straightforward solution for you to treat or reduce the wrong case, you can drink a cup of ginger tea, and your mouth will be more smooth. It is an excellent way to protect your mouth from drying, especially on cold days of winter.

   1.9. Nutrient digestion

One of the vital health benefits of ginger is that it helps you digest and absorb nutrients easily. Thin or slim people have to suffer malabsorption for a long time. They try to eat to have a healthier body, but things do not change as they want. It is because nutrients are not digested in the right way. So we suggest you cook with ginger to have an excellent nutrient meal. 

   1.10. Treat cough 

Last but not least, the 10th benefit of ginger is to treat cough. Cough is a common illness any can face. People do not want to suffer, even when it is not dangerous. To stop coughing, you can learn how to make ginger tea or buy boxes of ginger tea to use when in need. Ginger can treat cough and even congestion, too.

2. How To Use Ginger Every day

People tend to use ginger in the kitchen, as well as in their daily life. But not many know well all about it. To help you use ginger properly, we will divide them into three different ways use below.

Health Benefits of Ginger

   2.1. Use the ginger root in dishes

We all understand that ginger is an excellent ingredient in many dishes. It does not only help the food more delicious but also helps you to digest better. Let’s check out some ways of using ginger in recipes.

Ginger root can be used for many dishes such as soups, noodles, stir-fried food, or boiling food. You can take ginger root, cut it into slices, and then use these to add to your diet. Trying ginger for salad and even cake is fantastic, too. There are many dishes we need ginger. We have four main ways of using in the following sentences:

  • Sliced ginger for curries and soup.

You need to clean the ginger root thoroughly, wash it in water, and cut it into small slices at about 1 cm. These slices are used for curries or soup such as beef curries, chicken soup, etc.

  • Steamed ginger for fish.

One more way to use ginger in dishes is to cook and use it for fresh fish. The ginger will help to reduce the bad smell of the fish and make the meat more stable. You can use ginger for halibut, cod, or salmon.

  • Stir-fried ginger for noodles.

If you want to enjoy stir-fried noodles, please use ginger together with some vegetables. It is excellent if you can cut ginger into strips. Ginger helps noodles be more spicy and tasty.

  • Grated ginger for glazing fish

Ginger root is a delicious glaze for fresh fish. You should use a mixture of ginger, honey, and vinegar for this meal. Then you use the combination to brush on the fish before cooking.

Notes: Ginger peel is perfect, so do not throw it, but you need to wash the root thoroughly and keep the skin for the meal.

   2.2. Use ginger tea

You can use fresh ginger to make ginger tea at home. This is one of the best ways to enjoy ginger because of the warm taste and the sweetness of combining honey or sugar.

Besides, if you use bagged ginger tea, you will not have to spend a lot of time preparing and still taking full advantage of ginger’s health benefits. If you want to learn how to make ginger tea, you should read this article: How To Make Ginger Tea at Home

Note: These are some important notes that you should know when drink Ginger Tea.

  • Best time to drink ginger tea: morning (after the meal). Never drink at night.
  • Contraindications: expecting mother, gallstone patients, people using drugs for hypotension, gastritis patients, and before surgery.

   2.3. Use Ginger Beer 

What is ginger beer? Ginger beer is a beer made from ginger, homemade yeast, and sugar. Although it is called beer, it only has gas and usually does not contain alcohol. This beverage is famous all around the world for its spicy taste and great benefits for our bodies. People let the fermenting process happen to get the best nutrition from the ginger root to make this drink. Although this beverage is right, you should use it 2 or 3 times per week only.

3. Risks and Side Effects of Ginger (if used in the wrong way and overdose)

We have found out that ginger has many health benefits, such as treating cough, vomiting, colds, digestion, etc. But using ginger too much in a short time or use in the wrong ways can cause many bad situations. Like any other medicine, ginger is not suitable for all people, just almost. In this part, we continue to give you some side effects of ginger to concern more to use it effectively.

   3.1. Possible Interactions

There are some cases that ginger interacts with a medicine called phenprocoumon. In some other researches, it is said that ginger can interact with warfarin. So it means you have to be careful when using these two drugs with ginger. Would you please read the drug ingredients to make sure you get no trouble using the tea?

   3.2. Cause bleeding

Ginger can cause bleeding.

Ginger can cause bleeding.

Although we see many health benefits of ginger, we have to care that ginger causes blood thinning. It means when you get injured, your blood will bleed more. Many people even say that the combination of garlic, red clover, and ginger can make the problem more dangerous.

   3.3. Hurt stomach

It is because ginger has the property of improving digestion. But if you drink or eat ginger before the meal, your stomach has nothing to be dealt with, and the secretion of bile cause pain. It means your belly is more acid than usual, and it upsets your stomach.

   3.4. Cause Diarrhea

Drinking too much ginger tea in a day will cause this condition. This is the result of many studies on animals. Ginger has an ingredient named gingerols, which helps to digest better. But too much ginger means there is too much gingerol, and your gut can not digest the food slowly and carefully. All the food inside can be sent to the intestines quickly and cause diarrhea.

   3.5. Risk of miscarriage 

It is introduced that ginger treats vomiting well, which happen in expecting mother. But using ginger during this period is not safe at all. Scientists believe that ginger can cause miscarriage if a pregnant woman using ginger quite often. You can use ginger, but just a little.

   3.6. Cause bloating 

One more side effect of ginger is that it causes bloating. It is the result of using too much ginger. Of course, ginger root has the property of digestion. But using too much ginger stimulates much gas in our stomach and makes us feel uncomfortable.

   3.7. Cause low blood sugar.

It is easy to understand. Ginger treats diabetes well, and it helps to reduce the sugar amount in the blood. On the other side, ginger makes the blood sugar amount lower and lower. Using too much ginger for treating the disease can cause harmful situations and even result in fainting. 

   3.8. Irritation for eyes and skin.

Ginger can irritate your eyes and skin. Because it is spicy and hot, if you randomly touch your eyes with ginger, it can be rea, itchy and inflamed. The same thing also happens to your skin. For these cases, you need to be more careful when using ginger.

4. How much ginger should I take daily?

These sentences give you a safe amount of ginger to use for each different group. Would you please write down and note before using it?

Migraine Headache: under 2g per day.

Morning Sickness: under 1g per day.

Nausea: 250mg

Fragrance: 250mg

Motion Sickness: 1g

Osteoarthritis: 500-600 mg

SSRI Taper/Discontinuation: 1,5 – 3g

5. How to Store Ginger?

The health benefits of ginger can only be maximized when you store it well. If you do not know the best way to store ginger, the root can not be used anymore, or it will cause bad results and affect our body. That seems to be very easy but plays an essential role. Let’s check out how to keep the ginger root with our tips.

Storing ginger is simple but important.

Storing ginger is simple but essential.

   5.1. Use a zipper bag

It is a good and convenient way to keep your fresh ginger. This protects ginger for a long time and still keeps it so clean for cooking. You can buy zipper bags at any supermarket\ket on your way home.

   5.2. Use paper bags

You can use small paper bags to kept bread, porn corn, and even ginger. You do not need to use any paper to wrap. Little ginger can keep your ginger for weeks or a month. That is an excellent way to kept things inside your refrigerators.

   5.3. Use sand

You may not believe this way, but it is true! Preparing a box of sand, and you can keep your ginger under a sand layer. This way keep your ginger fresh for one month. Why don’t you try this once?

   5.4. Use crystal box

Keeping ginger in a crystal box is the right way, and it is easy to conduct. You have to use paper to wrap or use a thin cloth to cover before putting the ginger inside. Many people use this way to store ginger root because it is convenient.

Notes: please keep ginger in a cool place without sunshine. You also remember to check ginger before using it after taking it from the box.

We have shared quite a lot of information about the health benefits of ginger, how to use ginger every day, and how to store it. We hope you all can satisfy with the advice and use ginger in the right way to have good health. Thank you for reading.

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