Canned corned beef hash is a handy pantry staple. This blend of chopped corned beef, potatoes and spices offers a quick, protein-packed meal option convenient for any time of day. While tasty straight from the can, cooking canned corned beef hash unlocks even more flavor and texture potential with simple preparation in skillet and more.

1. Is Canned Corned Beef Hash Ready To Eat?

Canned corned beef hash can be eaten straight out of the can, no cooking required. The contents are fully cooked during the canning process. However, frying canned hash amplifies flavors and improves its texture from the can. Continue reading for tips on the best ways to cook canned corned beef hash after opening.

2. How To Cook Canned Corn Beef Hash

Cooking canned corned beef hash in a hot skillet produces crispy edges with a soft, warm center. Follow these steps for better-than-the-can flavor and texture.


  • 1 12-16oz can corned beef hash
  • Butter or oil for pan


Open can of hash and empty contents into a strainer. Rinse briefly under water to remove excess salt and fat. Drain thoroughly.

Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add 1 tablespoon butter or oil.

Once butter is melted or oil is shimmering, use a spoon to divide hash into 4 equal mounds in the skillet. Flatten slightly with the back of the spoon into patties.

Allow patties to crisp undisturbed for 3-5 minutes. Flip and cook second side for another 3-5 minutes until browned.

Transfer corned beef patties to serving plates. Or use as building blocks for more complete meals (see ideas below).

The nonstick surface will prevent sticking so the hash can get crispy and delicious. Resist the urge to stir constantly or patties won’t stay intact. Just flip once halfway through for two crisp crusts.

3. What To Eat With Corned Beef Hash

While canned hash tastes great alone in a skillet, it also partners well with other morning staples for a stick-to-your-ribs breakfast

Fried eggs – Sunny side up, over easy or scrambled eggs taste amazing served atop hot crispy hash cakes. The runny yolks make their own sauce.

Home fries – Double up on the carbs with diced potatoes fried in the pan after hash patties. Onion and bell pepper add even more heft.

Beans – Baked beans, especially in sweet sauce, make tasty accompaniment to salty savory hash.

Veggies – Quick-cooking greens like spinach or kale wilt fast and provide color and nutrition.

Toast/biscuits – For scooping or topping with another slice of hearty hash patties and eggs.

Canned corned beef hash offers convenient comfort food with little effort. Boost flavor, texture and variety by frying up the can’s contents stove-top style with simple add-ins like eggs and more. A humble pantry item transforms easily into crispy, craveable plates of hearty hash.

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