How To Cook Rice On The Stove – In A Rice Cooker, Microwave, Crock Pot

Here’s a run-down of how to cook rice perfectly on the stove and in a rice cooker, microwave, and crock-pot.

1. How to Cook Rice on the Stove

 1.1. Things you’ll need

  • 1 cup white long-grain rice (Basmati)
  • 1 ½ cups of Water
  • ½ teaspoon Salt (optional)
  • A medium-sized saucepan with lid
  • A mesh Strainer, ladles, bowl, & fork

 1.2 How Long to Cook Rice on the Stove

It takes about 7-8 minutes to cook soaked long-grain white rice on the stove. The cooking time varies depending on the type of rice used.

 1.3. Cooking Process:

Step 1: Wash the rice 1-2 times under running tap water.

Step 2: Now, transfer the washed rice grains into a bowl. Soak it in water and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Fill the pot with 1 ½ cups of water and place it on the stove. Turn the heat to high and bring the water to a boil.

how to cook rice on the stove

Step 4: Once the water starts boiling, adjust the heat to medium-low. Drain the soaked rice and add to the pan of boiling water. Add the salt and mix. Cover with a lid and cook for 7-8 minutes.

Step 5: Next, turn off the stove and uncover the pot. Cautiously drain the cooked rice through a mesh strainer to get rid of the excess water.

Step 6: Finally, fluff the rice with a fork and serve after 5 minutes.

Tip: You can test the rice’s doneness (before straining) by pressing a rice grain. It will flatten easily and have no grainy center.

2. How to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker

 2.1. Things you’ll need

  • 1 cup white long-grain rice
  • 1 ¾ cups of Water
  • An electric Rice Cooker & a bowl 

 2.2. How Long to Cook Rice in a Rice Cooker

The rice cooker takes about 15 minutes to cook a cup of rice, considering it’s the regular short-grain, medium. and long-grain variety. A cup of whole-grain rice needs about 40-45 minutes to cook.

 2.3. Cooking Process

Step 1: Measure a cup of rice and wash it 2-3 times until the starch is removed and water runs clear.

Step 2: Fill a bowl with 1 ¾ cups of water. Add a cup of rice.

Step 3: Next, transfer the rice along with the water into the rice cooker. (Add spices, oil, butter, or salt if desired and give it a stir). Cover with the lid.

Step 4: Now, plug in the rice cooker and switch it on.

Step 5: Once the rice has finished cooking (in 10-15 minutes), the rice cooker will automatically switch to warm mode.

Step 6: Let the rice sit in the warm mode for 10 minutes before serving. Enjoy!

3. How to Cook Rice in Microwave

 3.1. Things you’ll need

  • 1 cup white long-grain rice
  • 1½ cup of Water
  • Salt (as per taste) (optional)
  • ½ teaspoon olive oil
  • Microwave-safe dish with a lid

 3.2. How long to cook rice in the microwave

It takes 10 minutes to cook long-grain white rice in the microwave.

3.3. Cooking Process

Step 1: Wash the rice under running tap water and soak it in filtered water for 30 minutes.

Step 2: Now, drain the soaked rice and transfer it to a microwave dish.

Step 3: Add 1½ cup of water, season with salt, add the oil and mix.

Step 4: Next, cover the dish with lid. Place it in the microwave at maximum heat for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Take the dish out of the microwave and allow the rice to sit for 10 more minutes with the lid on.

Step 6: Lastly, uncover the lid, fluff up the rice with a fork, and serve.

Tip: Adding the olive oil keeps the rice grains separate & non-sticky. 

4. How to Cook Rice in a Crock-Pot

 4.1. Things you’ll need

  • 1 cup white long-grain rice (Basmati)
  • 1½ cups of Water
  • A Crock-pot, a strainer, & a fork

 4.2. How Long to Cook Rice in a Crock-Pot?

It takes an hour to perfectly cook rice in a crock-pot.

 4.3. Cooking Process

Step 1: Measure and put the rice in a strainer. Rinse it for 40-50 seconds under running tap water.

Step 2: Next, transfer the rice to the crock-pot. Pour 1½ cups of water and close the lid.

Step 3: Plug-in the crock-pot. Set the timer for an hour and temperature at high.

Step 4: Once done, open the lid and run the fork through the rice before serving.

How To Cook Rice in crock pot

Tip: You may season the rice with some salt and spray the crock-pot with cooking oil if desired.

Now, you are well-informed about how to cook rice in 4 diverse apparatus. Make and relish your warm, tender, home-made fluffy rice at any time and any way you like!