Roasted Beets Recipe – How To Cook Beets in the Oven

Scientists advise using beets in your meal. But how to cook beets to keep its nutrition? Let me show you how and ways to cook it to get the best dish for your family.

1. How to Cook Beets & FAQs

    When choosing Fresh Beets, take note of the following points:

  • Check the surface of the beets! Those with a smooth exterior, hard feet, round-shape, cut/spot-free skin is a good pick! Strictly avoid the squishy beets having moist areas and wrinkled or bruised skin. 
  • As for the taproot extending from the beet, make sure it is slender. Avoid those with a thick taproot.
  • If the beet still has its leaves, check that the leaves are dark greenish, tiny, and crisp!
  • A beet having no leaf is fine, but it must have a 0.5-inch stem & 2 inches taproot attached. This saves the beets from releasing its color during the cooking process.
  • If you are buying beets to consume them raw in a fresh salad, or want them to cook quickly then opt for the small-sized young beets. They are soft, cook fast, have a smooth texture, and their diameter is 1.5 inches.
  • With regards to cooking, medium-sized beets are good too! Only be wary of the large-sized beets which have a tough texture, inedible woody cores, and are 2.5 inches in diameter.
  • Do not buy mixed sizes; always purchase similar sized beets for even cooking result.

    When storing Beets, keep the following in mind:

  • Store young small beets with the greens attached as it helps them stay fresh longer.
  • Store medium-sized or large beets by keeping the stem and removing the greens. Avoid washing the beets. Store dry in the fridge to last for 10 days.

    What is the best way to eat beets?

So, the best way to eat beets while retaining all its nutrients is to have them raw. Baby beets are most suitable to enjoy raw in salad, juices, and dips.

Since many people do not enjoy the raw taste of beets; they can steam, boil, or bake them over low heat to retain all the nutrients. Those who prefer a crisp texture in their veggies; can roast or grill the beets while preserving the essential vitamins & minerals!

2. Roasted Beets Recipe – How to Cook Beets in the Oven


  • 6-7 medium-sized beets
  • 2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

How long to cook beets in the oven?

It takes 45 minutes to 2 hours to cook beets in the oven! The roasting time varies depending on the size of the beets. Smaller beets roast within 25 minutes while the medium and large ones take longer.

Instructions – How to Roast Beets

Step 1: Set the oven for preheating at 450°F. Place the rack in the middle and grease a baking dish (9*13) generously with olive oil.

Step 2: Prep the beets by trimming off the leaves and extra stem, leaving 2-inches of the stem, and let the tail remain intact. Wash the beets thoroughly (you may scrub gently without affecting the skin) to get rid of the dirt stuck on the surface. Pat dry!

Step 3: Transfer the prepped beets to the greased baking dish and spread them out in a single layer leaving a little gap between each beet.

Step 4: Cover the baking dish with an aluminum foil sheet and transfer to the middle rack of the preheated oven. Roast for 45minutes- 120 minutes. At every 30 minutes interval flip each beet with the help of tongs.

Step 5: For perfect roasted beets, start doing the skewer test after 45 minutes of roasting time. Insert the skewer to see if it goes in effortlessly, if yes then the beets are done! If not continue to roast for 10 more minutes and do the skewer test again till the beets are done.

Step 6: Once the beets are done roasting, take them out of the oven, uncover, and let them cool for 10 minutes. Once cool enough to touch, peel off the skin wearing gloves (to avoid stains). Enjoy the roasted beets with some salt and pepper seasoning!

How To Cook Beets

After sharing quite many steps for preparing beets and how to cook beets in the oven, we believe that you can do it well. Please read again for sure to know that you can do it better.

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