Sautéed Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe – How to Cook Shiitake Mushrooms

Check out one of the delectable Sauteed Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe. It’s super easy, quick and requires minimal ingredients. Additionally, you’ll also find details on clean and cut fresh shiitake mushrooms & soak and cut for dried shiitake mushrooms.

1. Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe & FAQs

   How To Clean and Cut Fresh Shiitake mushrooms

To clean the mushrooms, rinse them quickly under cold running tap water to get rid of any dirt or debris attached to them. Then, shake off the excess water and pat them dry using kitchen towels. Many people do not prefer rinsing mushrooms as they absorb moisture. In such cases, you can use a dry/moist paper towel or a brush to clean off the dirt.

Next, use a paring knife to cut & discard the stem. You can use the shitake mushroom cap as a whole or slice them thinly for soups, sautés, & stir-fries. 

   How To Soak and Cut Dried shiitake mushrooms

To clean dried shiitake mushrooms, rinse them gently to wash off any sand or mud stuck to the gills. Then, shake off and squeeze softly to get rid of the water. Snap off the stem from each mushroom.

To plump-up the dried shiitake mushrooms, they need to be soaked. Fill a large bowl with water, drop the shiitake mushrooms (stem removed), wet both sides, and then turn them so that the gill-side is downwards. Finally, leave them overnight or for 8-10 hours. 

If you wish to speed up the soaking process, you can use hot water for soaking. It slightly affects the flavor. Drain the soaking liquid, and slice the caps or use them whole as per preference.

2. Sauteed Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe


  • Shiitake mushrooms (250 grams)
  • 4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoon filtered water 
  • 0.25 cups of Teriyaki Sauce
  • Fresh parsley leaves (chopped) (for garnish)

   How Long to Cook Shiitake Mushrooms

It takes 15 minutes to cook shiitake mushrooms.


Step 1: Wipe clean the shiitake mushrooms with a kitchen towel. Place them on the chopping board and remove the stems.

Step 2:  Place a heavy-bottomed sauté pan (cast iron pan works great) on the stove over medium heat.  

Step 3:  Drizzle the olive oil and let it heat for 1-2 minutes. 

Step 4:  Now, add the shiitake mushrooms. Cook them for 8-10 minutes by stirring (or tossing) until they soften and turn light brownish.

Step 5:  Drizzle a little water (2 Tbsp) and continue to stir cook for 2 more minutes until the liquid is all gone.

Step 6: Turn off the stove. Transfer the sautéed shiitake mushrooms to a serving dish. Add the teriyaki sauce and mix well. Garnish with fresh parsley leaves.

You can relish this sautéed shiitake mushrooms recipe as an appetizer or side dish. You can also add it to your noodles, pasta, or use as a delicious topping for pizza.

Shiitake Mushrooms Recipe

   Tips when making shiitake mushrooms recipe

  • This sauteed shiitake mushrooms recipe does not use salt as teriyaki sauce contains salt.
  • To store, transfer the sautéed shitake mushrooms in an air-tight container and keep it in the fridge. It will last up to 5 days.

Now, that you are well aware of how to prep and make sauteed shiitake mushrooms recipe, you can relish them at home with your family. They also taste fabulous in various delicacies like soups, stir-fries, wraps, and vegetable stews.

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