Potatoes are a versatile and cost-effective side dish for feeding a crowd. Determining how many pounds of potatoes to make per person ensures you have enough to go around without leaving excess.

1. Factors that Impact Serving Size

Several factors influence appropriate potato portion sizes

  • Type of potato – Small red potatoes require more per person than large russets.
  • Preparation – Mashed, baked, roasted, and fried potatoes have different densities and serving sizes.
  • Portion vs main dish – Side portions are smaller than potatoes served as the main component.
  • Pairings – Potatoes served with hearty proteins or as a stand-alone side dish warrant larger portions.
  • Appetite – Heartier eaters will consume bigger portions than lighter eaters.
  • Demographics – Growing kids, athletes, and some cultures eat more carbs and larger potato portions.
  • Leftovers – Cook extra if planning for leftovers to allow for waste and spoilage.
  • Other sides – Adding pasta, bread, etc. allows for smaller potato portions per guest.

2. Recommended Serving Sizes

Given the above factors, here are general potato serving recommendations:

  • As side dish – 0.25-0.5 lb per person
  • As main dish – 0.5-1 lb per person
  • Appetizers – 2-4 oz per person
  • Buffets – 0.5-1 lb per person
  • Salads – 0.25-0.5 lb per person
  • Soups – 8-12 oz per serving
  • Mashed – 0.5-1 cup cooked
  • Baked – 1 medium or 8 oz
  • Roasted – 2-4 oz per person
  • Home fries – 4-6 oz per person

3. Serving Tips

  • Prepare extra potatoes to allow for breakage, waste, and big appetites.
  • Offer two potato dishes like mashed and roasted for variety.
  • Use large potatoes for more consistent portions vs small potatoes.
  • Weigh or measure portions for accuracy rather than eyeballing.
  • Add potatoes to salads, soups, and appetizers for versatility.
  • For buffets, allow 1-1.5 lbs total potatoes per person.

Figuring the right pounds of potatoes per guest takes practice. Adjust amounts based on feedback to dial in perfect portions for future meals. With the right quantities, your crowd will be satisfied without an overabundance of spuds.

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