Also known as pitaya, dragon fruit has a very distinctive flavor that is hard to compare to other fruits. With its vibrant pink skin and green, scaly texture, dragon fruit certainly stands out at the grocery store. But what does this unique tropical fruit actually taste like?

Sweet and Mild

The white flesh of a dragon fruit tastes mildly sweet, often described as a cross between a kiwi and a pear. The sweetness comes from natural sugars. Dragon fruit has a higher sugar content than many other fruits. The mild, lightly sweet flavor provides a nice backdrop for other stronger flavors.

Watery and Juicy

Dragon fruit has an extremely high water content, about 80-90% by weight. This gives it a juicy, watery texture akin to watermelon or cucumber. The flesh is composed of very thin strands that burst with moisture when eaten. Most of the biting experience comes from the seeds and juice rather than actual flesh.

Subtle and Neutral

While dragon fruit tastes pleasantly sweet, its flavor is quite subtle. It does not have an overly distinctive or pronounced taste like mangoes or pineapples. The light melon-pear flavors blend in easily rather than overpowering other ingredients. This makes it easy to pair with both sweet and savory foods.

Crunchy Seeds

At the center of dragon fruit are tiny black seeds. These edible crunchy seeds provide texture contrast to the watery flesh. They have an oval shape and size similar to kiwi seeds. The seeds have little flavor themselves and are easy to eat.

No Tartness

Unlike many other fruits, dragon fruit does not have any tart or acidic qualities. Even when less ripe, it maintains a fairly neutral pH. The flavor never becomes sour or astringent. It stays mildly sweet from the inner white flesh through the outer skin layers.

Cooling Finish

Dragon fruit has a very refreshing, cooling effect when eaten. It has an ability to create a sense of coldness in the mouth. This makes it perfect for cooling down on a hot day. Thehydrating properties add to the cooling sensation.

With its delicate sweetness, juicy crunch, and cooling effect, dragon fruit has a very distinctive eating experience. The mild flavors allow it to easily combine in fruit salads, yogurt bowls and smoothies. Try using dragon fruit as an intriguing addition to desserts as well.

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